For best experience, use DoggieDashboard on a computer or tablet.

  • Pet Database

    Save all your pet information in one convenient place: name, breed, sex, vaccine expirations, notes (aggression, special, general, training), and more!

  • Client Address Book

    Say goodbye to clunky spreadsheets. Online storage for all your client information: name, email, mailing address, vet, phone (regular and emergency).

  • Client Snapshot View

    With snapshot view, you can quickly glance at all your clients in one place. Click on any client to see their entire customer information profile.

  • Appointment Calendar

    Whether you need to schedule boarding, walking, sitting, or grooming appointments, DoggieDashboard give you an easy way to do it.

  • Send Email Reminders

    Nothing is worse than a no-show for a scheduled appointment. With DoggieDashboard, you can schedule appointment reminder emails.

  • Recurring Appointments

    Does Sparky come in every two weeks for his nails and a quick clip? Schedule recurring appointments with a couple clicks of the mouse.

  • Analyze Financials

    DoggieDashboard gives you an easy way to keep track of your business income and expenses and also provides monthly, quarterly and yearly graphs.

  • Pet Check-Ins

    With the check-in/check-out feature, you can easily see which pets you have in your possession and which pets are leaving. No more messy whiteboards.

  • Redeemable Passes

    Many pet businesses sell their services in pre-paid packs: 5-Pack Grooming, 10-Pack Walking, etc. Instantly see how many remain for each client.

  • Upload Documents

    DoggieDashboard gives users the ability to upload and save three types of documents: business documents, pet documents, and client documents.

  • Send Receipts

    Help keep your clients informed by sending them receipts after providing a service. All receipts are saved for easy future viewing and exporting.

  • Send Client Emails

    DoggieDashboard gives users the ability to send emails directly to their clients without having to use their current email provider (Gmail, Yahoo, etc).

  • Send Picture Updates

    Nothing makes clients happier than knowing their fur baby is having a great time. DoggieDashboard lets you send pictures right from the app.

  • Pet & Client Notes

    Online note storage gives users an easy way to look up past training sessions, walking history or any other important information.

  • Attach Pet Documents

    Pet businesses need to keep track of a lot of pet-specific documents. With DoggieDashboard, you can upload vaccine history, contracts and more.

  • Export All Records

    With the click of a button, users can export all their business information (pets, clients, appointments, financials) in easy-to-read spreadsheet format.

  • Appointment Page

    Every DoggieDashboard user gets a customized business information and appointment request page that they can link to from their business website.

  • Pet Report Cards

    Keep your clients up to date with how their pet is enjoying daycare and training class. Create custom report cards (including pictures) for all your pets.

  • Suggest New Features

    Have an idea to make DoggieDashboard even better? Over 90% of DoggieDashboard's current features were suggestions made by active users.

Check out the video tutorials page to see all of DoggieDashboard's features.

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