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Silverdale Doggy Vacation Lodge Appointment Request Page

Address: 9221 Woodward st., V4S-1H9 (View on Google Maps)
Phone: 604 820 3230
About Us & Hours

Taking a vacation? Going away?
When you travel, finding the right place to leave your canine family member can cause much anxiety and be very stressful. I personally know that feeling very well, because I have experienced those same feelings. The name dog kennel, or dog boarding, even dog camp, conjured up images in my mind like... my dog’s days are going to be mostly spent in small cement chain link runs, with gray brick walls, loud barking and whining with lots of echo, and scared faces, it felt like I was leaving them at a animal control facility. Seeing the expression on my dog’s faces when I would leave them saying “why are you leaving without me, are you coming back”? Broke my heart, made me want to cancel my vacation and holiday plans!
Why does having to find a good place for my dogs to stay, have to cause me so much grief, anxiety and sleepless nights! Thinking about this leading up to the time we were leaving, was very draining and honestly? It didn’t make the so called “fun get a way” fun!! Then when on vacation, I had a hard time relaxing, I’d worry about them, my husband, family and or friends tiring of me saying “I wonder how they’re doing”. So, we just didn’t go away without them very often.
Until.. I finally found (through a friend’s referral) my dog’s happy place when away from home, I was so excited!! The atmosphere was like nothing I had ever seen before. Never did I worry again! And when I went to go pick them up? I could so tell the difference, because they were happy and not stressed. In fact they would have been happy to see me and stay longer! I was so relieved!! Unfortunately, there are so very few of these really great places.
That is why Silverdale Doggy Vacation Lodge was born,
We want to be your dog’s Happy Place.
A place that can answer your questions such as...
Will they be happy, safe, and properly taken care of?
Will they help my dog through separation anxiety?
Will their facilities be clean and secure?
Will they get to spend lots of time running and playing?
Will they always be in supervised care 24/7?
Will they give me updates on how things are going while I’m away?
Will they give my dog a health check daily making sure all is well?
Will it feel like home? And above all,
Will they get affection and be loved while we’re away.
To all these questions we can answer a huge confident Yes! We are a vacation Lodge for dogs, a Tranquil Get Away for the day, a week, or even a month or more. We provide in home, family care, and strive to have your fur baby feel that the Lodge is their home away from home. We also have these great Doggy cabins. The Cabins are heated in the cold months and cooled by fans and air conditioning in the warm months. With no cement floors! Instead, we are rubber matted and have cozy clean bedding. Very clean large treed, secure chain link areas, with underground fencing (so nobody can dig out) and no climb or jump fencing. Our whole area has soft Bell Pole shredded bark for dry footing (no gravel), with lots of room to socialize, play and run and just be goofy. The property is flood lit at night even the ponds! We have Swimming, or wading ( for those guests who just like to get their feet wet lol ) on the property at a s fresh water pond fed by a creek plus we have a water park with pools, spouts and water falls.

We are located in the Fraser Valley, on the western border of Mission, eastern border of Maple Ridge BC in beautiful Silverdale, 1 block away from Silvermere Lake. Come for a visit with your furry kids and check us out - we are happy to provide references. Overnight rate is $38.00 a day with discounted rates for more than 1 dog per family. Daycare is $30.00 a day. Check us out on facebook and our website “walk about tour”.

Our #1 goal for you is, to be able to go away and relax, have a great fun time, enjoy yourself and not worry while away on vacation! Or were ever life takes you. Your beloved pet is in good capable hands. Over 20 years in professional dog handling experience, your dog will be treated as a member of our own family. Utmost care and love will be given to their health, happiness and well being. Come and book a visit, Look forward to meeting you!

“Our canine guests don’t want to leave, and are so excited to return!”

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