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DoggieDashboard: Free Online Pet-Business Management Software

Pet Report Cards
Recurring Appointments
Vaccine Expirations
Appointment Request Page
Pet & Client Database
Works on All Devices
Appointment Scheduling
Appointment Calendar
Client & Pet Cloud Storage
Printable Business Forms
Financial Reports
Pet Photo Uploading
Vaccination Info
Email Appt Reminders
Check-In & Check-Out
Receipt & Invoice Mailer

DoggieDashboard works for all types of pet businesses: pet daycare, dog walking, pet grooming, dog training, cat kennel facilities and pet boarding. Since it's located online in the cloud, there's no need to download an app.

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Hello! I'm Patrick, the programmer who created DoggieDashboard. It started as a small project in 2014 and has grown to become a popular scheduling and management platform for pet businesses.

DoggieDashboard has two versions: Free and Premium. DoggieDashboard Premium costs $300 per year and has many more features than the free version. Whenever you're ready, click "Upgrade" to unlock invoicing, credit card processing, extra storage, email newsletters and more.

You're in good company. Currently, 2,506 businesses use DoggieDashboard to manage 35,501 clients, 42,237 pets and 89,302 appointments.

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DoggieDashboard has features for every type of pet business. Check them out in the video below.

Here's What DoggieDashboard Users Are Saying

  • Organize Clients & Pets

    Secure online database for client and pet info. Keep track of addresses, vaccines, aggression notes, feeding schedules and more.

  • Schedule Appointments

    Use our appointment calendar to organize your current appointments. See daily snapshots of upcoming appointments.

  • Email Clients

    Get rid of of that huge Excel file. With DoggieDashboard, simply click on a client's name and send them an email. It's that simple.

  • Financial Reports

    Track of your business revenue and expenses with ease. View your records to see monthly, quarterly and yearly financial charts.

  • Recurring Appointments

    Simply select the pet, set the starting date and frequency, and you're good to go. Steady business & no more missed appointments.

  • Redeemable Passes

    This feature allows you to create boarding, walking & grooming passes for your business. One click and they're redeemed.

  • Photo Updates

    Using the pet photo feature, you can snap pictures of pets and send them directly to their owners. Great for keeping them up to date.

  • Cloud Hosting

    DoggieDashboard works on any internet-connected device. Your data is securely stored in the cloud with daily database backups.

DoggieDashboard is free management software for dog boarding businesses and dog & pet kennels, all in one. It's made for pet daycare and boarding facilities. Since it's a web application, you don't need to download anything. You can log in and use it whenver you have an internet connection. DoggieDashboard was built to be used on any type of device. You can use it on your PC or Mac computer at the office, but it also looks great on an iPad Mini too, or even your smart phone. DoggieDashboard can be used by companies in the USA, the UK, or any country for that matter. It will make managing your kennel a much more enjoyable experience.

DoggieDashboard also works great for pet grooming businesses that need a way to keep track of their clients and pets. They can use DoggieDashboard to send appointment reminders, email their clients, and even manage their finances.

DoggieDashboard is perfect for dog walkers as well. It provides an easy dashboard to keep track of clients and their pets. Store client-specific information like "key-hiding" location, door entry codes, and dog feeding schedules. If needed, they can send dog-walking appointment reminders, sales receipts, and more.

With a name like DoggieDashboard, you can probably guess that the majority of our users are dog daycares. However, there have been a growing number of cat boarding and cat grooming businesses that have started to sign up. DoggieDashboard is not pet-specific. If you have a cat boarding business, it will work just as well as if you had a dog boarding business. So all you cat boarders and cat sitters out there, sign up below!

If you have any suggestions for the software, please submit a "Feature Request" from inside the application. If you ever need support on the software, just shoot us an email and we will answer any questions you have about how to use DoggieDashboard. If you have a business question for the DoggieDashboard team, contact us below.