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Pit Stop HQ uses DoggieDashboard to run their business.

Use the two forms below to send them an email or request an appointment.

About Pit Stop HQ

TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT PLEASE, FILL OUT THE APPOINTMENT REQUEST FORM BELOW - The "Contact Form" should be used for inquiries and questions ONLY! We provide dog daycare, overnight boarding, retail pet supplies, and grooming services. Please, fill out the form below to submit an appointment request. IF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY A CLIENT OF OURS THEN YOU NEED TO FILL OUT AN APPLICATION, which can be found by clicking the 'Enroll Now' tab on our front page. There is a list of our services below to pick from, which should be included in your request as well as your pets name. To existing customers you do not need to book for daycare only boarding, grooming, and other requests. It's that easy.

Services Provided
Overnight Cageless Boarding
Late Pick-Up
AM Pickup
End of Day Walk Home

838 Christian Street (Off of the Italian Market) (View on Google Maps) Phone

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